Why Chillgarden?

We are pioneers in the market, and as the first company in the world, we offer you an in-ground garden cooler that, with the help of your smartphone, will provide you with chilled beverages at your fingertips anytime.

From now on, every gathering in your garden will become even more special.

Below, you’ll find unique features that define our garden cooler.

Optimal Temperature

8° to 16° is the perfect temperature range for your favorite drinks. Always have a chilled bottle within reach.

Highest Quality

High-class materials and finely crafted components – all to ensure you enjoy comfort and longevity in use.

SMART Technology

Voice control or app operation through Google Home or Alexa. Plus, a radio remote included in the set.

Sustainable Development

No use of electric energy for cooling. The concept of living in harmony with nature is closer than you think!

Unique Design

A style that will perfectly blend into your garden.


We perform installations with due care. Check out what makes us stand out.

The price of our automatically extendable garden cooler, including installation, depends on many factors, such as the quality of the terrain, access to the installation site, distance from the power source, and location.

For each customer, we prepare an individual, free quotation. Our experienced specialists are happy to answer all your questions.

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